06 – Welcome to the new “On the Couch” series.

Welcome to the all new “On the Couch” series !! 
Many of you requested it, and so here we are 🙂

I’ve created what will hopefully become a neat little nook to reach English speaking listeners, who could benefit from a frank conversation about mental health, life’s ups and downs and just how we are all trying to get by, as best we can ! 

My name is Tanya Allaire and I am a life coach and therapist and I created this podcast in order to reach and ideally help anyone and everyone who might be suffering through any type of psychological issue, dis-ease, or turmoil and most urgently, I wanted to help them to not feel so alone on their way out of suffering. 

If you or anyone you know might benefit from an authentic, honest and (if you ask me) very necessary conversation about our mental health, then please join us and share. 
You can expect a new English episode every Wednesday ! 

I hope these episodes will be of some value to you, and I hope to hear from you soon. Your questions and comments are greatly appreciated. And until next time, I’m wishing you an amazing week. 

Thank you for being here! 


You can also find me at www.veritas-coaching.ca

And at “The Pact 2022” on Facebook and Instagram



And I am also working on building the English version of my website, dedicated to this podcast. I will be sure to let you know when everything is ready for you 🙂


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