54 – Intuitive Eating + Health.

Have you ever felt out of control when it came to eating or your health ? Does it feel impossible to find the right diet that truly fits a “healthy” lifestyle without guilt, shame,or restriction ? If so, this episode is for you !

In today's episode Lacey and Tanya explore all things health, intuitive eating, and self-love. Together, they have lost a total of 180 pounds after countless fad diets, an unsustainable habits, and finally finding something that uplifts, loves and encourages the body, as a vessel for the Soul : Intuitive eating.

If this conversation resonates with you, I hope you stay.

Trigger warning : Eating disorders, disordered eating, dieting, self-loathing, unhealthy relationships.

Welcome, On the Couch! Thank you so much for being here 🙂


Book mentioned : “When food is Love : Exploring the Relationship Between Eating and Intimacy” by Geneen Roth, @geneenroth.

Intro & Outro music by : @yungsolace

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