34 – Living with anxiety.

In this episode I wanted to paint for you a (very simplified) portrait of the experience of a person who lives with anxiety. Like many other aspects of our mental health, anxiety is not always felt in the same way, from one person to the next, or even in the same way by one person, from one moment to the next. And the content of this episode is not intended to be a thesis on the subject, but as a humble sharing of my own story, with the aim of reaching the people who, like me, live as best they can with these anxious states. Ideally, I wanted to remind you that you are not alone, not weak, not a “drama queen” or “drama king”, quite the contrary actually. I wanted to tell you how brave I think, how brave I know you are!

And this courage, I especially wanted to show it to people who do not know what it is to live with anxiety. Those who don't know the feeling of being thrown into that daze of imminent danger, that no one else sees or feels, in a moment’s time.

Like many other mental health issues, it's always good to talk about it. So today, let's talk about it!

Thank you for being here 🙂


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