32 – Mistaken.

In this episode, we are going to talk about fallibility. We are talking about mistakes and how for some, the inevitability of each of us making them one day or another, evokes such fear, which in turn can paralyse us from taking any new action and therefore stunts us from pretty much any successful realization. A fear that if left unchecked, unrefuted and unchallenged, can very well bring us to our last breath, filled with regret. And all this because we harbour the false belief that a single mistake could have the potential to undo every good intention, value system, and quality we possess. That it would lead us into a situation that could very well trigger in us the unpleasant feelings of being judged, criticised, humiliated, or of potentially suffocating guilt.

We often mistakenly believe that the consequences of being caught making a mistake would be so costly and painful that it is not worth risking an action that might produce an undesired result. And this, despite the enormous cost to pay, to continue to nourish these beliefs which restrict our freedom, every single day.

Moreover, remaining caught up in these fears prevents us from really being able to take action and thus build our self-confidence, and possibly surpass or even impress ourselves.

When in reality, trying to prevent the slightest fault, the slightest misstep and especially to be seen as imperfect at all costs, has the only real consequence, of denying our humanity.

Now, how do we give ourselves the right to make mistakes?

It starts by trusting ourselves more, giving ourselves more grace, and of course, by making mistakes, this inevitability that we don't really have a choice but to accept.

If this paradox interests you, I invite you to stay!

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