12 – What helps.

In this episode, I share five tangible ways that have really made a huge difference in my life, by helping me take responsibility for what is under my control. 

Here are five habits to either add to or subtract from your life today, that I highly recommend. Of course, you might know all of these, which means this could just serve as a good reminder. I sure know that I need to be reminded quite often myself.

If you're interested in :

1) Moving the odds in your favor that your overall mood stays in the desired higher frequencies.

2) Nurturing your relationship to yourself and therefore your relationships with others. 

3) Bettering your chances of creating smooth, easy flowing days during which you can avoid some of the pitfalls we can easily fall into. 

Then I hope you listen to this episode.

In summary, these hacks help me keep a positive outlook on life, and I’ll never have too many of those. I presume I’m not the only one ?

I hope you enjoy ! Thank you for being here 🙂

This episode was edited by : nicholastoussaint48@gmail.com
Instagram : boneless_kidd


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