“Sur le Divan” (The “On the Couch” series), we discuss our mental health !

My name is Tanya Allaire and I am a life coach and therapist who specializes in mood disorders. Over the years and with many training courses, a lot of studying and many consultations, I’ve learned a lot about psychological suffering as well as relational suffering. But that being said, it is mostly through dealing with my own suffering that I’ve learned the most.  

We all go through our ups and downs. So let’s talk about it “On the Couch”!
If the conversation interests you, come and join me !
Talk soon !

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“On the Couch” is also where we come to learn how to get where we want to go, ideally quicker, with more ease, less suffering and mostly, it’s where we come to not feel so alone on our way there!

23: 23 – Choisir d’être heureux, ou pas ?

Dans cet épisode nous allons parler d'un sujet qui ne peut être oublié lorsque l'on parle de notre santé mentale, cette semaine nous parlons de l'état qui peut parfois semblé insaisissable, nous parlons du bonheur ! En général, est-ce que vous vous considérez comment...

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22: 22 – What’s your love language ?

In this episode I am offering my first book recommendation! Today we are going to talk about Gary Chapman's book, The 5 Languages ​​of Love. Many of you have probably read it already. I must admit that I needed the recommendation of someone I...

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21: 21 – Vous parlez quelle langue ?

Dans cet épisode je vous propose ma première recommandation littéraire ! Aujourd'hui, nous allons parler du livre de Gary Chapman, Les 5 langages de l'amour. Plusieurs d'entre vous l'avez probablement déjà lu. Je dois avouer qu'il m'aura fallu la recommandation de quelqu'un en qui...

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20: 20 – Why you might be stuck.

In this episode, I share another quick exercise in the hopes that it can help you figure out why you might be feeling stuck in one or more area(s) of your life, preventing you from reaching your goals and achieving what you want most...

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19: 19 – Pourquoi je n’ai pas ce que je veux ?

Dans cet épisode, je vous partage un autre petit exercice dans le but de vous aider à découvrir ce qui pourrait expliquer la ou les raison(s) pour lesquelles vous semblez bloqué devant un objectif non atteint, sans trop comprendre se qui se joue derrière....

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18: 18 – Why coaching ?

In this episode, we explore life coaching. I wanted to talk about my amazing job (my vocation), and how it can help anyone create the most incredible results, from the very best version of who they are. How with the loving support of a...

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Life coach and therapist, I am a transformation facilitator. 

I help you go beyond the knowing and reach a life which prioritizes your wellbeing, happiness and fulfillment. It’s your birth right !

Tanya Allaire