“Sur le Divan” (The “On the Couch” series), we discuss our mental health !

My name is Tanya Allaire and I am a life coach and therapist who specializes in mood disorders. Over the years and with many training courses, a lot of studying and many consultations, I’ve learned a lot about psychological suffering as well as relational suffering. But that being said, it is mostly through dealing with my own suffering that I’ve learned the most.  

We all go through our ups and downs. So let’s talk about it “On the Couch”!
If the conversation interests you, come and join me !
Talk soon !

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“On the Couch” is also where we come to learn how to get where we want to go, ideally quicker, with more ease, less suffering and mostly, it’s where we come to not feel so alone on our way there!

55: 55 – The Daring episode.

Brené Brown said it best! ” We can choose courage or we can choose comfort, but we can't have both. Not at the same time.” – How comfortable are you when you're being called to stretch out of your comfort zone? – How willing...

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54: 54 – Intuitive Eating + Health

Have you ever felt out of control when it came to eating or your health ? Does it feel impossible to find the right diet that truly fits a “healthy” lifestyle without guilt, shame,or restriction ? If so, this episode is for you !...

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53: 53 – Refaire confiance. Deuxième partie.

Cette semaine, on jase confiance! Si tu as apprécié le début de notre conversation, alors reste donc pour la 2e partie. Installe-toi avec moi, Sur le Divan! Merci d'être là et bonne écoute 🙂 #FaireFaceEnsemble Référence : https://danslarue.org/en/ Nous joindre : tanya@surledivan.ca facebook.com/groups/1238140236650169 instagram.com/sur_le_divan/...

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52: 52 – The Introduction to The Get in the Mud Podcast 2.0

In this episode, I am offering you the introduction to another passion of mine, to another Soul and Heart-based project: The Get in the Mud Podcast. If you didn't know, I also co-host an English podcast with my amazing partner Lacey. On GITMP, we...

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51: 51 – Refaire confiance. Première partie.

Cette semaine, on jase confiance! On parle de la confiance (en l'autre, en la vie mais surtout en soi-même). Je vous parle de comment il peut être difficile de refaire confiance, une fois que nous l'avons perdue. De comment il peut être difficile et...

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50 – Entrevue avec Dre. Roxane Larocque, psychologue pour enfant.

Cette semaine j'ai le privilège de recevoir Dre. Roxane Larocque,  (une psychologue qui se spécialise auprès des enfants de 18 ans et moins). Elle vient nous parler des réels enjeux auxquels les jeunes qu'elle cherche à rejoindre et aider font face de nos jours,...

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Life coach and therapist, I am a transformation facilitator. 

I help you go beyond the knowing and reach a life which prioritizes your wellbeing, happiness and fulfillment. It’s your birth right !

Tanya Allaire