“Sur le Divan” (The “On the Couch” series), we discuss our mental health !

My name is Tanya Allaire and I am a life coach and therapist who specializes in mood disorders. Over the years and with many training courses, a lot of studying and many consultations, I’ve learned a lot about psychological suffering as well as relational suffering. But that being said, it is mostly through dealing with my own suffering that I’ve learned the most.  

We all go through our ups and downs. So let’s talk about it “On the Couch”!
If the conversation interests you, come and join me !
Talk soon !

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“On the Couch” is also where we come to learn how to get where we want to go, ideally quicker, with more ease, less suffering and mostly, it’s where we come to not feel so alone on our way there!

29: 29 – La boussole qu’est notre intuition.

Dans cet épisode nous allons explorer l'intuition. Ce GPS, cette boussole, cette partie la plus sage en nous.  Plus spécifiquement, nous allons explorer la relation que nous avons, que nous entretenons, avec notre intuition.  Comment la reconnaître ? Quand décidons-nous de l'ignorer ou même...

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28: 28 – How’s your relationship to abundance ? Part #2

In today's episode, we conclude our exploration of the subject of abundance. It is such an important topic in my opinion, and I trully hope you've found value in this introspection. I hope you enjoy and thank you for being here 🙂   #GettingThroughTogether...

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27: 27 – Quelle est votre relation à l’abondance ? Partie #2

Dans cet épisode, on poursuit l'exploration de notre rapport à l'abondance.   J'espère que vous avez apprécié la première partie de cet épisode et que vous bénéficiez de cette introspection qui est si importante à mes yeux.  Bienvenue, merci d'être là et bonne écoute...

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26: 26 – How’s your relationship to abundance ? Part #1

In this episode we are going to talk about money of course, but abundance isn’t just about finances.  We are going to talk about our beliefs in connection with our capacity to receive. About our relationship to desire, merit, lack, resistance, humility, attraction, energy...

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25: 25 – Quelle est votre relation à l’abondance ? Partie #1.

Dans cet épisode nous allons parler d'argent bien sur, mais l'abondance ne se résume pas qu'à notre situation financière.  Nous allons parler de nos croyances en lien avec notre capacité à recevoir. De notre rapport au désir, au mérite, au manque, à la résistance,...

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24: 24 – Choosing happiness, or not ?

In this episode we are talking about what should be our primary goal in any self development journey, the main reason most of us have now started to become conscious of the level or quality of our mental health, this week we are talking...

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Life coach and therapist, I am a transformation facilitator. 

I help you go beyond the knowing and reach a life which prioritizes your wellbeing, happiness and fulfillment. It’s your birth right !

Tanya Allaire