A permission / An invitation.

Reach for the thoughts and feelings that feel good AND allow yourself to stay in those delectable spaces !

Do you believe you can create a life you’ll love ? Even better, do you believe you can create a life that excites you ?

The reality is that it’s much more difficult to create beauty and expansion from a mental space that feels restrictive. And that expansion is exactly what we are all craving !

Another thing I’ve changed is, I now try to place my focus on thoughts and feelings that help me attain a desired state, now ! Not later, or tomorrow or whenever life finally lines up perfectly with everyone of my truest desires. (Still waiting Life !!) Some days, I have to bring my awareness back dozens of times and some days that’s not nearly enough ! That being said, I try not to let my awareness stroll about unattended, because the little minx (out of habit), has a tendency to search for and stick to thoughts and beliefs that limit, destabilize and disrupt my peace of mind the most, which hinders me instead of helping me.

Let’s learn to allow ourselves to marinate in what feels good 😊

Wishing you all a great Sunday 😊

Thanks so much for being here!