Our choices.

“Whatever You are not Changing, you are Choosing”. – Laurie Buchanan

What are you sick and tired of choosing ?

And are fed up enough to start choosing differently now ?

This quote helps me take responsibility for the decisions I make and my tendency towards inaction. I don’t know about you but I don’t love change. I really don’t, most of the time! I like my comfort zone and playing in the status quo, more often than not. Which means, I usually have to get really fed up with something before I move, unfortunately. And too often, instead of making the necessary changes, I choose to use my finite energy to complain about what isn’t has I would want it to be. Great strategy right 😊 Nothing good ever came from complaining about things that are in our power to change.

That being said though, once I’m fed up, (truly) that’s it. It’s a done deal! I’m just simply inspired to embrace and make whatever change that is needed for my benefit, and I just stop fighting it.

And so I hope you get fed up too, and fed up quicker, with the situations in your life that no longer serve you, that aren’t how you would like them to be.

Have a great day 😊