My Why and an irreparable choice.

**  Warning – This blog post talks about suicide and might not be suitable. **
I lost a very good friend of mine 27 years ago to suicide. I hate saying that he chose to end his life because I don’t believe suicide can ever be considered as a choice, not really ! An absence of feasible choices is what a person in such darkness is battling with. I so wish I would have recognized his suffering ! I wish he would have reached out to me over and over until I got the message ! I wish I could go back and do or say anything in my power to stop the irreparable from happening. I miss my friend dearly and I don’t want any other human being to go through what so many of us have, since that sad night 27 years ago.
When in darkness, search for a glimpse of beauty ! Look for what feels warm and expansive ! Find what excites you ! Slow down ! Remember to be kind to yourself, no matter what ! Mostly, hang on ! And from my heart and soul to yours, if you need help, please reach out and don’t stop reaching until you get the exact help you need and deserve.
Thank you for making the effort you can, when you can. Thank you for still aiming to contribute the very best of yourself, even when you don’t think there’s anything left to give. I truly believe that if you are here, it’s because you are needed ! There’s a reason, reasons ! And if this post reaches you in a space in which you can’t quite believe that you are indeed needed and significant, then just borrow my belief for the time being. I’ll believe it enough for both of us 🙂
You are loved !
Thank you for being here 🙂
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