Waking up.

I’ve developped the habit of asking myself a very important question right as I’m waking up in the morning which is :  What am I looking forward to ?

I can’t wait to see X. I’m glad I’ll get to experience Y. I love that I get to do Z today.

I make sure to find at least one thing that I’m looking forward to but I actually try to find five different things. A depressive state is totally understandable if we’re going through life, day after day, not wishing for anything of our experiences !

I would just love to be someone who’s programmed in such a way that this sort of exercice just isn’t needed. To be able to simply be predisposed to seeing all of the numerous glasses half full. Maybe someday ! But until then, I need make sure that my perspective is a conscious and positive movement forward and by taking control of it as soon as I awake, I’m effectively tipping the scales in my favor. I still have those sh*tty moments but rarely do I spend my days in them now !

Wishing you a great day 🙂