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Veritas Coaching

A fundamental shift in your experience of Life

To un-cover your well being, live the life you want, and follow your innate potential.

“Man’s main task in life is to give birth to himself, to become what he potentially is.” Erich Fromm

To un-cover your well being, live the life you want, and follow your innate potential.

  • Emotional state that limits you, to understand and overcome ?
  • Trying to deal with paralyzing anxiety ?
  • Limiting belief to transform ?
  • Feeling powerless ?
  • Feeling alone ?
  • Personally and professionally exhausted ?
  • Loss of self confidence, of self esteem ?
  • Dependency to conquer ?
  • Life assessment needed to move forward ?
  • Your life needs to be aimed in a new and more satisfying direction ?
  • Want to find your way back to health ?
  • Want to regain peace of mind amidst any circumstances ?
  • Need to learn how to face life with more hope and enthusiasm ?
  • And so much more…

Go beyond understanding and achieve a life of health, happiness, purpose and fulfillment. It’s your inherent right.

You already possess all that you need, waiting to be awakened.

My strength as a coach is to help you become aware of your emotional blockages and to free yourself from them. This internal shift triggers an incredible emotional release which will propel you towards new possibilities just as incredible.

My mission : Helping others to recognize and put to contribution their self worth.

About me

Tanya Allaire, Prossional Coach

I’ve been intrigued by human behavior ever since I can remember. I have especially been fascinated by successful and happy people and what motivates them.

After pursuing studies in human social sciences, as a counselor, a relationship therapist, I chose to aim my career toward life coaching. Specifically NLP life coaching.

In my opinion :

– Being happy, feeling content and peaceful is our natural state and not something we need to conquer through obtaining something that is outside of ourselves.

– I believe that success and happiness are tightly linked together. An unhappy man cannot, in my opinion, be considered a successful man.

– Being happy is a choice. No matter where you were yesterday, isn’t it liberating to know you can always choose to be happy today, in every moment?

– Doing things the same way will bring the same results. Change is inevitable. It’s better to be the one behind the controls.

Today I’m offering you my experience both in life coaching and in psychological counseling to help you fill the gap between the person that you are, where you are and the person that you want to become, where you want to go. Join me and unveil your best strategies to achieve a meaningful and satisfying life.

In just a few words, I see myself as an achievement facilitator.

My Vision :

Contributing to the creation of a world in which everyone recognizes their self worth and is willing and able to put it to good use.

Imagine for one moment what that would be like?

Imagine what would then be possible?

My Mission :

Gathering dreamers and creators toward a collective and necessary state of well-being.

I want to inspire the most people to achieve the maximum of human potential, which is how our greatest problems will eventually be solved.  

Our beliefs define us. What would you like to believe?


Technique d’intervention en délinquance du Cégep de Maisonneuve.

Certified counseling therapist from the Centre de Relation d’aide de MtlApproche non directive créatrice de Colette Portelance.

Certified NLP life coach from the Centre Québécois de Programmation Neuro Linguistique.

Michael Neill’s Coaching from the Inside out program.

Soul-based Coaching.

Formation Élite – Programme de Drôlement Inspirant avec Charles Côté.

Transformational Dance Expression Journey classes.

Confidence Code workshop / Manifestation Code workshop / Happiness Code workshop.

And many more trainings dedicated to energetic medicine.


« I had to help her create the habit of being happy . » Richard Bandler

Life coaching


« I decided that I would never accept to be less than what I could. »   Anthony Robbins

Why coaching?

Coaching is meant to open the field of possibilities. It is based on the principle that we all possess the answers to our problems within ourselves and suggests that each person is born with the potential of a rich, unique and useful life.

The process will then provide concrete tools you’ll take with you to overcome these limitations and transform your life in ways you may not even be able to imagine today.

The coaching process helps you answer three very important questions :

What do you want? (What is your desired outcome)?

What stops you?

How will you know you’ve got it?

Life coaching helps the coachee recognize his capacities and strengths, bring forth his inspiring beliefs while mastering a type of recycle process with his limiting beliefs. All of this with a specific, motivating and aligned goal, linked to a sense of purpose and direction that is his own.

The ultimate mission of the coaching process is transforming lives.

You will discover the secret to fulfillment, happiness, healing. You already have all the answers, let me help you unleash them. The secret is in learning to succeed from the inside out.

« Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become. » Jim Rohn

Is coaching for you?

Coaching is for everyone who wants and is ready to move forward.

A brilliant man once told me: “It isn’t because we know why a door is closed, that we automatically have the key to open it”. Guillaume Lerouthier

 I understood then that it wasn’t enough to understand every angle of a problem to be able to surmount it.

Taking action is a must, and a form of mourning of our usual patterns of behavior is at the core of all transformation and the coaching process offers remarkable tools that guide us in reaching our goals.

On top of being a proactive approach that aligns us and our inner and outer strengths with our desired outcome, coaching in my opinion, is for everyone and anyone who is burdened by a sense of unhappiness of any kind. For me, unhappiness has a loving intention and stems from  the reality of being disconnected from our core essence which impacts every choices we make. The sense of being unhappy would then be a necessary call-back to our true self.

The coach

“When you make an effort to see the best in others, you help bring it out in them. Pointing out great qualities in people can change the world.” David Hamilton, Ph.D.

“A coach is someone who gets paid to help make people’s dreams come true.” Michael Neill

The coach clarifies, supports and challenges his client, in order for him to become more aware and in tuned with his passions, authentic desires and their materialization.

An immense world of possibilities awaits and I am terribly curious to assist You in finding out which part of it is yours.

Today, I offer the best support I am capable of, through my combined experiences of coaching and counseling therapy. That marriage is my best ally. As a coach, I’ll reach you where you are and I will support you in getting to where you want to go.

Allow me to become your guide through this beautiful adventure.

Session procedure

Duration: 1h

  • Warm welcome
  • Space of trust
  • Active listening
  • Inspiring conversation
  • Revealing method and techniques
  • Wonderful discoveries
  • Satisfying personal and professional outcomes

Services offered online or by phone.

Conferences – Seminars

Conferences / Seminars  


Un-covering well being

Helping people Un-cover their well being and reconnect with their innate potential.

A seminar that promotes  psychological well being.

Enjoy your peace of mind, in most circumstances.

Transformation / Our obstacles

Becoming who we are

Taking responsibility

Taming our shadows

Transforming our personal history

Transforming our limiting beliefs

The notion of possibility / capacity / merit

Being a parent without a users manual

Becoming great role models

The power of our thoughts

Understanding the human experience / The basic principles of a healthy emotional system

A question of perception

Thought and experience

Accepting what is

The law of attraction

Our inner compass / Recognizing and following it

The Voice of intuition

Tranquil mind  /  Happy mind

Creating the necessary space for new consciousness

Potentials  / Achieving your goals

Develop your innate capacity to actualize your inner potential

Align your thoughts and your emotions with your desired outcome in a way that considerably increases your quality of life

What do you want? What would you like to create?

What prevents you from getting it?

How will you know you have it?

What would you want if you new you couldn’t fail?

What would you want if you new if you new it was ok to fail?

What would you want if you were sure to get it?

If a miracle were to unfold tonight and upon awakening, all your surroundings were exactly how you wish them to be, how would you know that a miracle had occurred ? How does  your experience seem? What would you see, hear, feel and what would you be willing to believe in, in order to realize a miracle has happened?

What would you do if you new you would be happy, safe, accomplished and loved no matter if you succeeded or not ?

Its about becoming who we are at best and creating the life we’ve always wished for.

Overcome your addictions

Being freed, it’s possible !

Our true purpose

Identity and contribution

Our life’s intention and our sense of being useful

My supporting belief

If we weren’t here for a reason that is our own and destined to a contribution that can change the world for the better, we wouldn’t be here.

These seminars are meant to be propellents of hope.
Other possibilities:  Conferences / Seminars tailor made

Veritas Coaching can offer you their Conferences / Seminars services tailor made to answer to your specific needs. Contact us.


Every conference / Seminar can be adapted to the needs of the group.

1h3h1/2 day1 full day1 week-end

Services offered in person or online.

Looking forward to meeting you !                                                

Contact me

I help you transcend your past, see clearly in your present conflicts and choose in which direction you want to go.

Finally, you will learn how to align your capacities and values to your core identity and to then be able to propel yourself in the direction you want, you need to go.

There’s my definition of the coaching process and it’s impacts in a nutshell.

If the journey interests you? Contact me!

Tanya Allaire, professional coach
Life coaching
Psychological counseling

Individual, couple and group coaching.
Conferences / Seminars

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